Welcome to Sex, Drugs, and History!

I’m a recently graduated Ph.D. with a specialty in American history. Because the jobs in my field are not hiring, temporary, or pays starvation wages, I have a day job in a completely unrelated.

I often share short little bits of history with my coworkers or parties that we aren’t taught in public schools. I realized that the most interesting stories are often those I can not share at work without a visit to HR and I also have to watch out for little ones.

We’re all human and like the weird, gross, morbid, and taboo. Nearly every single history  I’ve read has a less known aspect that includes these fun topics. Did you know that German soldiers during WWII were given meth and often dropped dead as a result? Sometimes duels between Southern gentlemen included biting someone’s ear off? A noblewoman hated being social so much that after each event she would take out her anger by killing a young, female maid?

Follow me for these stories of sex, drugs, gore, and unknown history. If there’s a topic you would like to learn about, send me a message with your idea!

Stay weird, my friends.

Prostitute from Storyville, early twentieth century.

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